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UST-Engineering Centennial Awards April 24, 2007

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However, we will award the eleven (11) hall of fame inductees (they are the automatic ust-engineering centennial awardees), on 17 february 2007.

The event will coincide with the centennial homecoming at the le pavillon, roxas blvd.

The rest of the awardees will be announced by the end of november 2007

We are still open for nominations until october 15, 2007.

Thank you.
The UST-Engineering centennial awards committee



An Engg stud writes about the Centennial celebrations April 23, 2007

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yhanyhan is a ust student and writes about her experiences during the Centennial Celebrations

Date of post: Sunday, February 18, 2007

Furthering the Legacy of Excellence: UST Faculty of Engineering Celebrates Its Centennial Year

Last week was dedicated for the celebration of the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Engineering 100th year of foundation. In lieu of this, numerous activities and events were held for both the studentry and the faculty.

Furthuring the Legacy of Excellence” is the theme of the faculty’s centennial year which started Monday, February 12, with a painting contest. Participants painted the islands in front of the Engineering building in relation with the theme. Also, a lot of students were present at school, though there are no classes held on Mondays, to prepare for their partake for next day’s parade.

Our department, the Information and Computer Studies Department was assigned to create “higantes”, or gigantic objects of some sort. One section constructed a giganic archetype of a male and female engineering students in their respective college uniform. Another made a giant pink pig. And ours was a huge Spongebob Square Pants. Our spongebob is so cute, other students took picture of it. Free food is also given for each student. =)

read more from her site http://yhan-yhan.blogspot.com/2007/02/furthering-legacy-of-excellence-ust.html


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Engr Ogden T. Javier, batch 1984

For many years, I have been a witness to students
coming in and out of the Faculty particularly of the CE
Department. Those who left became busy striving hard to
alleviate their quality of life and gain prominence in their
profession. A lot of them have gone out of the country to seek
greener pastures. Communication and interaction between our
alumni are usually limited to venues such as conventions and

Thanks to Engr. Peter Lim and Engr. Rodelio Tiburcio for coming
up with the LAB 6 REPORT. Through this, we will now have an
alternative avenue to reach out to our alumni keeping them
informed of what’s happening in the department, the
whereabouts of our fellow alumni and what have become of

To our alumni, let us renew our relationship with our
fellow Thomasian Civil engineers and friends. I believe it is
through this medium that we may be able to constantly
communicate and maintain our unity and strength.
Congratulations to the staff of the LAB 6 REPORT!
Bravo UST CE!


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Engr. Peter S. Lim, batch 1982

The educational process is a combination of both
tradition and knowledge and our department have both of them
in abundance. Over the years, as I stand witness to the rich
traditions that have been handed down from batch to batch, I
can not help but marvel at the wealth of heritage that our
department has accumulated. Although tutelage of knowledge
is the foremost essence of an educational institution, it is tradition
that creates the uniqueness of the individual and creates the
memories that we cherish over the years.

As an alumnus, I often wonder what happened to all my
comrades in learning. I also often ask, what is the essence of
memories if we can not share it with someone who could relate.
I know that there are a lot of graduates who are willing to be part
again of the culture and would want to share the memories with
their colleagues. But the only dilemma is how to be part of the
old heritage?

This newsletter shall be an instrument to continue what
have been fostered by the great men and women of UST CE for
almost a century. The alumni has the responsibility to continue
this tradition—live the values of the Thomasian Engineer:
camaraderie, service to the community, continued education,
among others. These should not end after graduation. Everyone
must have a long lasting bond with the university. Like the UAAP
games, we must support our team by watching every game even
on its ups and downs. In that simple way, we could show our
attachment to our university

I am now inviting all UST CE alumni and friends to be
part of this monumental event of uniting all past, present and
future Thomasian Engineers. As we approach the centennial
celebration of our department.

MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN (2006) April 23, 2007

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Dean Marilyn Mabini, Ph.D.

Warm greetings to our Civil Engineering (CE) alumni
and friends. I am very pleased to be able to communicate to
you now through a new medium, this newsletter called LAB 6
REPORT (every CE student and alumnus equate Lab 6 to the
CE Department.) Congratulations and thanks to our CE

What better way, indeed, to revive and sustain a
meaningful relationship with our alumni and friends, than to
connect with them through a newsletter. And what time to do
this than now – three years to the 100th foundation anniversary
of the Faculty of Engineering.

It is especially interesting for the Thomasian Civil
Engineer to note that the UST Engineering Centennial is also
the centennial of the UST CE Department. The Faculty was
founded in 1907, with MSCE as its first program offering.
What is even more interesting is the fact that the University’s
first engineering degree program offering is also the first one
in the country.

The CE Department has gone a long way since 1907.
It has produced countless alumni who have gained prominence
and respect in the CE profession. These alumni continue to
inspire us to work even harder to improve the delivery of our

I invite all occupants of Lab 6, past and present, to reconnect
and bond again not only for old time’s sake, but also
for the sake of those who will come after you in the Department.
This newsletter is a very practical and timely medium through
which things can be started and followed through.

God bless you.

Calling on all Thomasian Engineer Alumni April 16, 2007

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It has already been a year sinc ethe first issue of LAB 6 REPORT has been released. All involved were busy at that time (with work, family, reletaionships, etc) but still managed to attend evening Wendy’s with sir peter (now dean Lim).

 During those chats, sir Lim recounted the early days of Roque Ruano building and narrated histories – of the glory days and the down days. And all the talks git everybody inspired to work on the paper and dream if better years to come.

 As the first report came conduced a relief to everyone. But as they say, the first step is hard to make. i wonder when would the second step be done. How much harder it can be.

 Opening this account hopefully will make the realizations, inspiration and dreams continue versince those late nights happen.  The publishing however will not happen here. but still be written on paper.

 With this i call on every UST Civil Engineering Alumni to particiapte in this endeavor. Share your experiences and inspire our fellow Thomasian engineers. Bring them hope that there’s more than to just graduate in UST. Let us uplift lives, make the department every dynamic, and hopefully, make a legacy.