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| a lecture from dean peter lim | July 9, 2007

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When I was in my last leg in college, sir peter lim (who is now the dean of the Faculty) has said these words. It may not be accurate (I try to restore the sentences of course), but I know that when he reads it, the idea is there. While he was doing his homily, his tone has a touch of frustration albeit motivating. The gesture imposing and the expression I find inspiring. It was a lazy afternoon but along with the lecture I try as much as possible, jot every word that comes out of his lips.  I couldn’t remember what my last article was in the thomasian engineer journal, but during that time, I was looking for a topic. Dunno what happened but this is not what it contained. As I clean my folders here on my pc, I have read ‘unfinnished articles’ containing this piece of writing. After experiencing the alumni homecoming, I saw LAB 6 newsletter as an opportunity to spread the word. So here I am. And now that sir peter is dean, I wonder, what changes he can make for our dear faculty. One of the many wishes I have is for him to give the opening remarks for TE’s annual GIQC to which former dean docmab never miss a speech along with the words ‘I give a bias for academic activities’.


Why are we studying this subject(water resources)? To show us that this is a field where we can practice engineering. Why? Because there is glamour but cheap. Ang daming kumukuha……………a lot is left unexplored………..But UST is a structural engineering school. Teacher instill that this is in and that water is not adaptable.. There are big projects you don’t come along everyday……..this isn’t life threatening… read about the sept 22…………….Israel and Liban used river (the importance of water in rivers) Most people fail because they can’t see the use! Algebra is easier. Very foreign. Ultimately you fail! Because you can’t understand. An article was shared in the faculty about the criteria for a good teacher..- did I make you think? What did you think? You can use glamour for a while but you can’t substitute competence… When I look at a student, to pass have nothing to do if you know or not….. there are words I can speak that we can’t speak before. You have to realize that this is a percentage of your training. Work harder. You should do it because you want to learn. I’m in a protest. We just gave up the chance. I require you to understand. There are two ways. Covering more in shallower terms or deeper with shorter terms. Your board will be useless. Soon you will forget engineering. Things has to come naturally. Enjoy what you do! Normally, we’re serious. That’s a common problem associated with newly grad. But you have to choose. Now, mahirap ang trabaho… as of now, it looks as if this is an important thing in your life. I don’t expect you to know everything!! It doesn’t matter with me. I thrive with it………… Sa engineering it is seldom to experience failure. You are trained to face your failure. CE is an action course where most of the activity is in the field. It’s very sophisticated. In application, I know nothing. I try to instigate my experience. But still our department is “contrasting”………….don’t want change….. don’t want risk.. CE should be dynamic! (There’s) no planning! I’m very frustrated……….. but w/ or without you, UST is still UST As an alumni, we have a responsibility to see to it that we keep on growing. What you put in can’t be erased…. You can’t be replaced. In time, changes is introduced to the system, You can’t attack the system when you’re inside. You should get out. You should comply with the requirements


We also have our own set of frustrations during our students years, even multiplied when we graduated. I’m only a few years out here in the real world. I have pretty much understand how college should have been – or how I could have been to make me more equipped as an engineer. I know we can’t learn everything in school but there’s so much it could have done.


MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN (2006) April 23, 2007

Posted by jomaykulit in Words from the Dean.
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Dean Marilyn Mabini, Ph.D.

Warm greetings to our Civil Engineering (CE) alumni
and friends. I am very pleased to be able to communicate to
you now through a new medium, this newsletter called LAB 6
REPORT (every CE student and alumnus equate Lab 6 to the
CE Department.) Congratulations and thanks to our CE

What better way, indeed, to revive and sustain a
meaningful relationship with our alumni and friends, than to
connect with them through a newsletter. And what time to do
this than now – three years to the 100th foundation anniversary
of the Faculty of Engineering.

It is especially interesting for the Thomasian Civil
Engineer to note that the UST Engineering Centennial is also
the centennial of the UST CE Department. The Faculty was
founded in 1907, with MSCE as its first program offering.
What is even more interesting is the fact that the University’s
first engineering degree program offering is also the first one
in the country.

The CE Department has gone a long way since 1907.
It has produced countless alumni who have gained prominence
and respect in the CE profession. These alumni continue to
inspire us to work even harder to improve the delivery of our

I invite all occupants of Lab 6, past and present, to reconnect
and bond again not only for old time’s sake, but also
for the sake of those who will come after you in the Department.
This newsletter is a very practical and timely medium through
which things can be started and followed through.

God bless you.