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Posted by jomaykulit in Message from the Adviser.
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Engr. Peter S. Lim, batch 1982

The educational process is a combination of both
tradition and knowledge and our department have both of them
in abundance. Over the years, as I stand witness to the rich
traditions that have been handed down from batch to batch, I
can not help but marvel at the wealth of heritage that our
department has accumulated. Although tutelage of knowledge
is the foremost essence of an educational institution, it is tradition
that creates the uniqueness of the individual and creates the
memories that we cherish over the years.

As an alumnus, I often wonder what happened to all my
comrades in learning. I also often ask, what is the essence of
memories if we can not share it with someone who could relate.
I know that there are a lot of graduates who are willing to be part
again of the culture and would want to share the memories with
their colleagues. But the only dilemma is how to be part of the
old heritage?

This newsletter shall be an instrument to continue what
have been fostered by the great men and women of UST CE for
almost a century. The alumni has the responsibility to continue
this tradition—live the values of the Thomasian Engineer:
camaraderie, service to the community, continued education,
among others. These should not end after graduation. Everyone
must have a long lasting bond with the university. Like the UAAP
games, we must support our team by watching every game even
on its ups and downs. In that simple way, we could show our
attachment to our university

I am now inviting all UST CE alumni and friends to be
part of this monumental event of uniting all past, present and
future Thomasian Engineers. As we approach the centennial
celebration of our department.