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Nov 2007 CE board exams RETAKE???! November 28, 2007

Posted by jomaykulit in column 1.
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I’ve heard sometime that supposedly after a few days the results of the recent CE exams should be out but it’s a taking a longer time. The examinees and their families have been anxiously waiting.  Something must have gone wrong. And indeed there was because just this morning the Professional Regulation Commission announced that a retake on the subjects Hydraulics and Geotechnical Engineering and Structural Engineering and Construction be done. please see the following links regarding the issue: http://philippineboardexamresults.blogspot.com/2007/11/prc-retake-for-november-2007-civil.html


Around 85 students from UST has taken the Nov CE Licensure. “Ok lang kasi may mga idea na, tataas grade ng mga bata..” according to sir Jess Fajardo who teaches Steel and Concrete Design at the Faculty of Engineering.

Since many claimed that hydro was very easy to near perfect, chances are, the examiner might tailor a test that will require much effort.

PRC said that there were irregularities due to the unusually high grades and added that 2 students were caught with their mobile phones with correct examination answers. they forgot to mention when were these phones collected but werent the proctors strict enough?

Was PRC planning on a difficult exam that getting ‘high scores’ are improbable? How about those who will soon be employing these engineers-would-be? wouldnt they be doubting their competency because of this issue? Employers abroad are losing faith to our country’s engineers. Havnt they learn enough from the nursing exam fiasco?

i hope the PRC punish the right people here and not those who have sweat hard enough for their future.



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