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A weblog devoted to UST Civil Engineers May 9, 2007

Posted by jomaykulit in Announcements, column 1, Engineering Discussions, Message from the Admin.

Before starting this blog, i searched for current active websites devoted to ust civil engineering ALUMNI activities or updates. If u take a close look on the Blogroll section of the sidebar, you’ll find the sites that i found. Actually, i found 2 but they are organized out of the country and encompasses all engineering major. They are the Thomasian Engineers of Southern California and UST Engineers Alumni Association in New Jersey. So for those almuni that are currenlty residing in the United States, try to join and be a member of these organizations.

 I could say that LAB 6 REPORT is the only weblog devoted to only Civil Engineering Alumni. Not less im not aware of other existing whatnots.

 This is just a part of the big dream that all alumni will be interconnected and help one another to elevate the course of engineering to a level that is at par with outher countries; That we’ll help one another discover what else is instore in engineering and how could it elevate our lives aside from earning money.

quoting sir peter “being an ALUMNI is a continued responsibility”



1. Antonio L. Fernandez - December 21, 2007

A website for USTCE – OK ito!

I am a UST ChE 1975 graduate based in Quezon City after 20 years in Japan. Since I got back in 2006, I volunteered to help organize a reunion of USTHS Batch 1970. One of my classmates then was Luis Critencio Flores Jr. who graduated CE the same year I did.

Through this webpage, I hope I can trace Luis again.

2. Justino J. David - March 8, 2008

Comments from Justino J. David – CE Class 1961

I graduated from the UST College of Engineering Civil 1961. I remember that we were on seven (7) who graduated that year( 4 guys and 3 gals).

I have not had any contact with any of my class since 1965. I immigrated to the US in 1972. I currently have an address in Houston TX.

I am happy to get into this website. I want to be a regular blogger and hopefully trace all whom I have known during those yesteryears.

3. Jaime Reyes - May 1, 2008

Hi Everyone, I guess this comment may benefit Engr. Justino David, here’s the link to a new website specifically for engineering alumni:


This is being maintained by local groups. It has a forum section where in you can mingle and share your view with fellow Tomasians. I’ll see you there soon !

4. Manuel E. Palma, PE,PLS,F ASCE - May 14, 2008

I am a 1965 civil engineering graduate and been trying to contact all my classmates all these years. Only Jack Rodillas from Hawaii and through him I learned that Manny Agyao is now a elected congressman back home. For those who are immigrating to the states specially here in the midwest and have a civil engineering degree I might be helpful in locating meaningful technical employment.

5. name - September 1, 2008

Good day!,

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