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UST CE Batch 1995 website found May 17, 2007

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Via  http://alumni.net , i saw http://bsce95ust.has.it/  a website of UST CE batch 1995. So far, this is the only UST CE batch-based website that i found. They are complete with pictures, newsletter, directories and others. (To email the webmaster send to bsce95ust@has.it). I have known Engr. Justin Lunar to be from batch 1995. i used to work with him at Maunsell Philippines in Makati. He is still working there though. Former Ms. Beverly Santos (who got married somewhere last year), i believe is also from batch 1995. she’s currently working as a Faculty member of the Civil Engineering Department in UST.

For more information, visit their web at http://bsce95ust.has.it/

but our

  SPOTLIGHT goes to: 

Alejandrino Ferreria who is the associate dean of the Asian Center for Entrepreneurship of the Asian Institute of Management. He wrote an article entitled The three Es for civil engineers
ENTREPRENEUR’S HELP-LINE published at their very own website in July 2002.

For further comments and inquiries, you may contact him at: ace@aim.edu.ph. Published “Entrepreneur’s Helpline” columns can be viewed on the AIM website at http//: www.aim.edu.ph


Phillippine sees hydrogen fuel (recreated) May 16, 2007

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As engineers, it is one of our responsibilities, to make use of our knowledge for the benefit of the community, to make peoples lives comfortable. this is also an opportunity to earn money not only for ourselves but for the country as well.. it is so exhilarating to think that through this (hydrogen fuel), the country will be elevated from being third world. – Admin 

The following article was taken from an email forwarded around the office through which was cropped from news on the web.ooOooooOooooOooooOoo   

GOOD NEWS – Hope that this development will push through – this visions and plans was with Pres. Marcos ever since but it was short of beingmaterialize due to lots of COUP D’ETAT!!!!  There are so many explorers who want the Philippines as we have billions or trillions of oil reserves even an everlasting HYDROGEN FUEL which flows from different parts of the worlds and can be seen through satellite scanned (this is a classified report) into the Philippines wells (the Surigao Strait) –  Plans remains as plans – due to the crocs in our gov’t again this was not materialize – the prediction is – if explored we can produce 12 millions barrels per day of Hydrogen Fuel – that is an equivalent to 6 VLCC’s per day, distribution as follows:- 6 millions of hydrogen fuel (fuel of the future) will go to USA alone, another 6 millions will go to different parts of the worlds including the SAUDI.   In one year all our foreign debts will be wiped out – we will be the one to hire foreigners as we need their expertise and peso will become 1:1 ratio against the usdollars.   This is one of the Saudi Arabia fears – they are scared as once explored there is no stopping of production as this is an everlasting fuel or the so called “Deuterium” = a heavy form of Hydrogen fuel – (use by the space shuttle and even some of Canadian cars) clean air and no pollution – can use directly without additional processing or refining.   Above is the classified report which was not published in

Philippines – but it was published – you know where – in “SAUDI” and this are their biggest fears.   After the COUP D’ETAT in 1987 – this plan was laid by Mrs. C. Aquino to the USA President – when she visited the U.S. plans was made that the U.S. will finance to provide the equipment (using German’s technology) using hydro-pump as this location was the deepest trench in the world.  – in return the

U.S. wants 6 millions barrels per day.   Again the plan was not push through due to politically unstable condition in
Philippines The
U.S. will definitely won’t leave
Philippines when it comes to security matters due to their VESTED INTEREST – “THE FUTURE FUEL” in Philippines (DEUTERIUM)   Soon the whole world will use this fuel extracted from our
Philippinesarchipelago (the

Strait) – and this is the true vision of anybody else –
Philippines will be placed on TOP OF THE WORLD. And thebeneficiaries would be our young generations to come.  Sounds like a concocted stories but definitely NOT…. Just watch thisdevelopment to come VERYYYYY SOONNNNN.                                                                                                          

Philippines sees more drillings.Posted: Monday, February 12, 2007 

Manila- The Philippines, which imports nearly all of its annual oil needs of at least 115 million barrels per day, expects a rush of oil drillings from this year until 2009, Energy Secretary Raphael Lotilla said.                                                                                                                                                            

Last week, two Australian groups separately said they would start  production on Philippine oil fields in the fourth quarter and early next year, more than doubling daily output from 23,000-25,000 barrels per day currently.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

2007 will be a busy year as far as oil and gas exploration and developments are concerned,’ Lotilla said.                                                                                                  

There will be a number of drillings that will be taking place for the  extraction of already proven reserves that were capped in the 70s and 80s   when they were not commercially viable then and have become commercially viable now,’ he added.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Philippines has caught the attention of oil hunters over the past few years as energy prices climb.                                                                                                                                                                              

The Department of Energy said it expected local and foreign firms to drill  8-10 wells this year, 16 to 26 wells in 2008 and 19 to 28 wells in 2009.                                                                                                    

Lotilla said eight groups, including the operators of Galoc field, off the  west coast of the archipelago, are scheduled to conduct oil drillings in   the country  year.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Last week, an executive with
Australia‘s Nido Petroleum said the Galoc oilfield will start producing 17,500 barrels per day in the fourth quarter of this year.                                                                                                                                        

The new output from the Galoc field, located in block C off the coast of   the northwest
Palawan basin, will raise Philippine oil production by about 70 per cent to 42,500 bpd.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Besides Nido Petroleum, other firms that have stakes in the Galoc field are
Cape Energy, Britain‘s Team Oil/ Granby Oil & Gas and London-based Vitol. Australia-based Otto Energy said last week it planned  to also bring onstream the Calauit field in the
Philippines at the rate of 12,000-15,000 bpd early next year.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Other drillings in 2007 included two wells by Forum Energy

Philippines  between March and May at a 458,000-hectare onshore field on
Cebu island in central
Philippines.                                                                                                                                                                                                                Premier Oil is also scheduled to drill an exploratory well this quarter off Ragay Gulf, while Japan Petroleum Exploration will drill one exploration well in an offshore area at the

Strait, between November andDecember.                                                                                                                               

The group of PNOC-Exploration and Petronas Carigali Overseas Bhd plans to drill one exploratory well off the coast of Mindoro, western Philippines, between March and April.                                                     

A consortium of Alcorn Gold Resources and NorAsian Energy will drill one exploratory well between October and December onshore in the East Visayan basin.                                                                           

NorAsian Energy also plans to drill two exploratory wells off the coast of the northwest area of
Palawan island between November this year to May 2008. Reuters                                                                  

For the latest News and Business Information in the

Middle East visit   www.tradearabia. com 

technical queries category May 9, 2007

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:::estong – May 9, 2007:::

mas maganda siguro kung maglagay tayo ng sub-categories/subjects for technical querries. Sa tingin ko mas magiging useful itong website.

:::Admin speaks:::


maganda yan tsong.. ang tanong lang kc.. pano ko mgagawa na may subject ang particular query?  kasi threads yan eh. pwede din.. answering as a comment. pwede ako maglagay ng link sa isang site kng saan tayo-tayo ang nagtutulungan na sumagot sa mga technical queries… or we can leave that to better websites that caters to answering technical stuff like “engineering forums”.. 

this weblog although is more of interconnecting the alumni and sharing careers, posting jobs, if u can check the categories on the sidebars. At this point, im going to add techincal queries in the categories. thanks estong. daan kpa
sana lage dito =o)

 Ernesto de Peralta is a UST CE batch 2003 and is currently working in Maunsell Philippines in Makati as a structural engineer. He ranked 8th in the 2003 November Civil Engineering Board exams. you can email him at Ernesto.deperalta@maunsell.com

Engineering Centennial Celebration News May 9, 2007

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The University of Santo Tomas, our beloved alma mater, throughout the world is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning. One hundred years ago the school educated many business leaders and leaders of the arts and our people. However, during that time the school didn’t offer courses in engineering to its students. Today the university’s Faculty of Engineering offers the whole gamut of bachelor’s degree programs in all engineering fields to cater to the ever-expanding needs for engineering skills of the emergent borderless global economy. For the past 100 years our alma mater has produced thousands of Graduates in various engineering fields who certainly participated in building the modern civilization that we now live in. To commemorate the 100 years of providing quality education in the world of engineering for business and industry the Faculty of Engineering is holding a Centennial Celebration, which culminates in a weeklong festivity, called “Engineering Week” in the week of February 13 thru 18, 2007. The Centennial Celebration officially kicks off “June 21, 2006 with a parade around the UST campus to announce the Centennial of the Faculty of Engineering.”

A weblog devoted to UST Civil Engineers May 9, 2007

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Before starting this blog, i searched for current active websites devoted to ust civil engineering ALUMNI activities or updates. If u take a close look on the Blogroll section of the sidebar, you’ll find the sites that i found. Actually, i found 2 but they are organized out of the country and encompasses all engineering major. They are the Thomasian Engineers of Southern California and UST Engineers Alumni Association in New Jersey. So for those almuni that are currenlty residing in the United States, try to join and be a member of these organizations.

 I could say that LAB 6 REPORT is the only weblog devoted to only Civil Engineering Alumni. Not less im not aware of other existing whatnots.

 This is just a part of the big dream that all alumni will be interconnected and help one another to elevate the course of engineering to a level that is at par with outher countries; That we’ll help one another discover what else is instore in engineering and how could it elevate our lives aside from earning money.

quoting sir peter “being an ALUMNI is a continued responsibility”