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Posted by jomaykulit in Message from the Dept Head.

Engr Ogden T. Javier, batch 1984

For many years, I have been a witness to students
coming in and out of the Faculty particularly of the CE
Department. Those who left became busy striving hard to
alleviate their quality of life and gain prominence in their
profession. A lot of them have gone out of the country to seek
greener pastures. Communication and interaction between our
alumni are usually limited to venues such as conventions and

Thanks to Engr. Peter Lim and Engr. Rodelio Tiburcio for coming
up with the LAB 6 REPORT. Through this, we will now have an
alternative avenue to reach out to our alumni keeping them
informed of what’s happening in the department, the
whereabouts of our fellow alumni and what have become of

To our alumni, let us renew our relationship with our
fellow Thomasian Civil engineers and friends. I believe it is
through this medium that we may be able to constantly
communicate and maintain our unity and strength.
Congratulations to the staff of the LAB 6 REPORT!
Bravo UST CE!


1. Alberto Marcelo - December 6, 2007

Nice to see a good site to renew friendship, and nice to hear from you Ogden.

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