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Calling on all Thomasian Engineer Alumni April 16, 2007

Posted by jomaykulit in News 2007.

It has already been a year sinc ethe first issue of LAB 6 REPORT has been released. All involved were busy at that time (with work, family, reletaionships, etc) but still managed to attend evening Wendy’s with sir peter (now dean Lim).

 During those chats, sir Lim recounted the early days of Roque Ruano building and narrated histories – of the glory days and the down days. And all the talks git everybody inspired to work on the paper and dream if better years to come.

 As the first report came conduced a relief to everyone. But as they say, the first step is hard to make. i wonder when would the second step be done. How much harder it can be.

 Opening this account hopefully will make the realizations, inspiration and dreams continue versince those late nights happen.  The publishing however will not happen here. but still be written on paper.

 With this i call on every UST Civil Engineering Alumni to particiapte in this endeavor. Share your experiences and inspire our fellow Thomasian engineers. Bring them hope that there’s more than to just graduate in UST. Let us uplift lives, make the department every dynamic, and hopefully, make a legacy.



1. dave - April 30, 2007

more power to us. to me. to all. and to USTCE

GIS specialist, DILG

2. jomaykulit - April 30, 2007

hello dave. thank you for visiting this site. i hope that you’ll bookmark it to be updated of whats going on in ustce. we hope to hear from you again and one day share your experiences as a graduate of our beloved alma mater. cheers.


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